Latest developments

I am now in contact with two people. One of which wants to buy fresh bottled milk from me and the other has asked from the source!!

Now, pumping into a bottle and posting it same day/ next day delivery was never an issue. I am happy in doing so. I have an excess milk supply from feeding my 6 month old as I mentioned so why wouldn’t I sell it on? I need the extra cash is the main reason but at the same time, breast milk is rich in nutrition and serves many benefits. This contact may even want a regular supply. Liquid gold will help me provide for my family – who can judge that? Well… many people would.

So, my concerns for the second contact is how curious I am to know why an adult would want to experience this? Now many people would be quick to judge and even suggest there is something sexual about this experience and most of the time this would be true. There are fetishes for everything out there. Keeping an open mind, I responded to my contact. Exchanging many emails and getting to know a bit about the contact I learnt this is not an experience that they would find sexual in any way. It’s just an obsession over being curious about the experience.

I must say I never thought I would ever consider something like this. And the controversy this would cause would be huge. I’m hoping my readers and followers could share some feedback on their opinions on this sort of thing? I can imagine there would be more bad responses than good?

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

A Tale of Liquid Gold.


The beginning of the story.

So, I never imagined in a billion years that I would ever be heading down the track of selling my breast milk. When times are hard and you have a family to provide for I guess you really do rise to the challenge of making money in any means possible. Some people will judge, others will keep and open mind. I have an excess of milk from breastfeeding my baby, so why shouldn’t this be put to some use? After all, breast is best.

I found myself on the ever so popular website of “Craigslist” to which brought an ad to my eye. “Breast milk wanted”.┬áNow I never thought for a moment that people would be looking to buy this over the internet. I have heard of milk being donated for other babies and such but never this. So I decided some research was in order. I typed in “selling breast milk” in to my search engine and to my surprise the first link was for a website of a community that buy and sell breast milk. Curiosity got the better of me and off I went.

The webpage “Only the Breast” is a friendly community with a range of sellers and buyers posting on there with their specific needs. The buyers are all for many different reasons, be it milk for health benefits, milk for babies and even milk for the curious. Before I knew it, I was signed up to the site and posted my first sellers post. The shock of having a reply in the matter of hours was astounding. Who would have thought there would have been such a demand for this product?! This truly is LIQUID GOLD!

I am in contact with a potential customer at the moment and hoping something will come of it. I am going to keep a blog here as much as possible to shed light on a business that no one seems to know about and so if you’d like to follow, you can track my progress on such matters.

I hope you join me on my journey of A Tale of Liquid Gold.