Here’s a little history of Breastfeeding in my own life.

Being in a family where I was one of seven children, breastfeeding was always normal to me. I watched my brothers and sisters be fed and I have always seen it as the right thing to do.

I have two children myself. A little boy who is three years old that i breastfed until he was 11 months and a little girl who is 6 months old that I am currently breastfeeding.

I have always found breastfeeding easy right from the start. I know alot of people have a hard time with it but it seemed so natural and comfortable I got both my babies latched on right away. I have an excess of liquid gold and I have to pump alot so my breasts are comfortable.

I didn’t want something so precious to go to waste so I looked in to what I could do with my excess supply. Selling breastmilk. Now many would judge and say this is wrong but being a mum of two scraping by to pay the bills, I don’t  see any problems with this. If people are willing to buy then why shouldn’t I sell?

I have set up a profile on a buying/selling site and will be keeping this blog and updating regularly with how things are going.

A Tale of Liquid Gold.


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