I have recently found out the name for the fetish.


A sexual fetish for lactating breasts and breastfeeding

I didn’t realise that there was such a big community out there for this fetish. There are forums, chatrooms, porn sites and even blogs about Lactophilia. It seems to go from men/women watching liquid gold being expressed, to wet nursing adults!

I suppose the curious question would be why? Why do they have a fetish for this? Did their childhood experiences or anything in particular happen in their life to cause this? Were they breastfed when they were younger? Who knows.. I would really love to know the answers but generally everyone lives differently so I doubt there would be a definite answer.

I have been in contact with someone for two days now. We have exchanged many emails, texts and even calls. When we first started talking they wanted to buy my freshly pumped milk from me. After many chats we come to the conclusion they would actually like to watch the milk I am selling to them be expressed in person. I have no problems with this. I have expressed milk in front of family and friends in the past anyway so I am quite comfortable with this. Money still needs to be discussed but it looks as if this will be going ahead. Wish me luck!

A Tale of Liquid Gold


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