First Pick up.

I have someone travelling quite some distance to come and buy 3oz from Me. They want it freshly pumped in to a milk bag. Not sure how I feel about meeting them in person but we will see how it goes.

As it goes for the contact sending me bottles to fill, I still haven’t heard back from them. I am starting to think maybe that one won’t be going anywhere. I have emailed them this evening to see if they are still interested.

I also had someone else contact me this afternoon looking to buy. They asked if I’d be willing to pump in front of them for a bit of extra money. I’m inclined to say yes – won’t make any difference to me.

Lastly, I am still in contact with the person wanting to wet nurse. We have been exchanging emails for a couple of weeks now. We are going to meet in person for a chat only. I’m very curious to know what goes through these people’s minds.

A Tale of Liquid Gold


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